ACI Report

An ACI Report:

  1. Calculates whether the Test Strengths included in the report satisfy the requirements of ACI 301-96 (References 1) for a Specified Compressive Strength (fc').
  2. Determines standards of concrete control for the selected Test Strengths according to ACI 214-77 (References 2).
Generally you will wish to select the Test Strengths to be used in the report by filtering them.
See Filtering Test Strengths.
To obtain an ACI Report you should:
Click with the left hand mouse button on the Strength Data button at the left of the FirstBreak window if the Strength Data icons are not displayed
Click with the left hand mouse button on the Test Strengths icon at the left of the FirstBreak window
click the 'Report' icon in the Toolbar.
Select the ACI Report Radio Button in the Dialog which will appear and click on the dialog's icon.
Enter the Specified Compressive Strength (fc') in the Dialog which will appear.
Select the Classes of Operation for which Overall Standard of Concrete Control and the Within-Test Standard of Concrete Control are to be determined.
Select whether the Test Strengths are for one set or two sets of consecutive tests.
Click on the dialog's icon to generate a report.

You can also use the New report item of the Operations Menu or click with the right mouse button in the window where the Test Strengths are displayed and select the New report item in the menu that appears.

An ACI Report includes these items:

If there are sufficient tests to obtain a Standard Deviation (see Minimum Number of Test Strengths), the following items are included:

These items follow:

The final section of the report includes these items: